PD Artistry offers comprehensive Eyebrows Tattooing Training.

You have the option to choose from individual course and technique such as Powder/Ombre Brows or Nano Machine Hairstrokes.

 Additionally, we provide Inclusive Completed Brows course which encompasses all of the aforementioned techniques.

Throughout the course, you will gain an in-depth understanding of every aspect necessary for performing the Eyebrows tattooing procedure correctly. This includes fundamental theory and invaluable tips and tricks based on real-world experience.

Our training program covers crucial topics such as hygiene, Australian skin penetration laws, post-care guidance, insurance prerequisites, and more. Rest assured, all necessary tools and practice materials will be supplied during your training.

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About Our Training Courses

  • Small class size to maximise training quality.
  • Suitable for beginners and experienced artists
  • Online lesson prior hand on training
  • Live demonstration for each technique Students gets to work on live model.
  • On going support after course via WhatsApp/viber
  • All stationary and learning material is provided during training.
  • Starter kit included (machine, power supply, needle cartridges, pigment, skin latex, mapping tools)

Getting you prepared and ready as much as you possibly can which we will send you the following before in- class training start.

  • Mapping method/Nano Hair-stroke Pattern
  • An online lesson with Hayley before in class training start.

This will help you prepare for the class and grasp the content easier.

We prioritise our students and want each and every one to feel confident when they leave our course. If you feel you would like additional support after training, we welcome students back to observe Hayley work on live demo models during training session for 3 months to follow, completely FREE of charge.


Hayley’s Brows Mapping Method

Symmetry measurements/brow shaping on various face shapes. Shading techniques

Creates beautiful and realistic Hairstrokes.

Combination brows– how to combine hair strokes and shading.

How to identify an individual’s hair growth

Skin anatomy/ Skin profiles/types of Allergies and diseases

Colour theory/pigment selection

Correct depth, hand motion, grip, and pressure

Hand movements and machine speed Machine and needles.

Understand proper skin depth Compiling client consultation/consent forms.

Case study – Hayley’s realistic experience with clients and what to avoid.

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These courses are suitable for beginner and experienced artist

  • 14 Days Ultimate Brows Course Days $6990

Learn 3 high demand and latest trend in this course          (Powder/Ombre Brows/Combination Brows /Nano Machine Hairstrokes)

  • Eyeliners Tattoo Training: 2 Days $2990

Advanced Brows Course

This course is recommended for Experienced Artist only who seeking to expand their skill.

  • Advanced Powder/Combination Brows: 2days ($2490)
  • Advanced Nano Machine Hairstrokes: 2days ($2490)                         Plus GST apply on all courses.                                                                             Private Training available upon request                                                       Please send us an email to arrange date for this selection.
  • $1100 off apply when sign up for 2 or more courses per enrolment.
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